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Melbourne Assembly Rooms is a Grade 2 listed, former school built in 1897 which is now home to many local organisations and hosts many concerts, exhibitions, films and theatrical productions throughout the year. The Main Hall is drastically in need of refurbishment and we are asking for donations to aid the developing of facilities and refurbishment of our much loved building.

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Melbourne’s top community venue for events, functions, classes and indoor fitness.

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Conveniently located in the centre of the beautiful Derbyshire village or Melbourne, with a range of multipurpose rooms suitable for all kinds of events, with reasonable room rates, adjacent free parking, and all facilities to make your event successful.

An excellent venue for concerts, drama, charity fundraisers, social gatherings, exhibitions or celebrations, we have rooms to suit any occasion or event.

The venue is also suitable for a range of indoor class based activities from Art to Zumba

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Melbourne Assembly Rooms is an ideal venue to host an event. Whether it is a fundraiser, charity event, social gathering, exhibition or celebration we have rooms to suit a variety of purposes. It is conveniently located in the centre of the village providing a range of multifunctional rooms suitable for all events at different times of the day. The reasonable room rates, free parking, availability of adaptable furniture, staging and accessories and kitchen area make it an obvious choice for your event.

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