Brick By Brick Appeal

MARs needs your support

Brick By Brick Appeal

Melbourne Assembly Rooms is a Grade 2 listed, former school built in 1897 which is now home to many local organisations and hosts many concerts, exhibitions, films and theatrical productions throughout the year. The Main Hall is drastically in need of refurbishment and we are asking for donations to aid the developing of facilities and refurbishment of our much loved building.

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It is now over 6 years since we took over the running of the Melbourne Leisure Centre now known as the Melbourne Assembly Rooms. In that time, we have increased activity many-fold and have become the home for many local organisations, groups, clubs and societies. This year alone, we will have over 100 events which, in addition to the weekly and monthly activities, an estimated 10,000 plus people will have come through our doors by the end of the year. We have become an important part of the social life in Melbourne staging concerts, theatre, films and exhibitions. Throughout this month we are hosting many sell out concerts and have similar events every weekend throughout the year. Since taking over the building, we have introduced many improvements to MARs including a hearing loop, Wi Fi throughout the building, better acoustics in the Main Hall, a new heating system and tiered seating. Sixteen months ago, we undertook a major rebuild of the foyers, toilets, kitchen and bar.

All our profits are re-invested in MARs.

We are now moving onto the next phase of improvements concentrating on the Main Hall. It is now 111 years old and for and for the last 40 years has not been renovated and we want to;

– Redecorate the walls and ceiling.
– Clean, sand and re-varnish the maple parquet wooden floor.
– Clean and replace where broken the cast iron floor grills around the perimeter the hall.
– Address the issue of ventilation and cooling by facilitating clerestory window openings.
– Replace the ancient school-era strip lighting with a modern lighting system.
– Clean and re-varnish the beams and high-level woodwork.

This will be a major project requiring an estimated £50,000 and whilst we are raising funds via grant applications and events we are appealing to groups, societies, councillors, businesses, former school pupils and the wider community to support us.

Every £1 donated is important to us as we develop facilities and refurbishment our much-loved building. Donors will be given their own personal brick with your name and own personalised message which will initially be placed in our foyer as a thank you to everyone who contributes. A more permanent thank you will be in the building once the next phase of work is complete.

Should you wish to make a bank transfer, please call the number below for our bank details, donations can also be made via our just giving page;

Thank you for your help and should you wish to discuss the project further please get in touch (contact details are below), or simply call in to make your donation, cheques can be made payable to ‘Melbourne Assembly Rooms’. We are willing to collect if you wish

Andy Heafield, Development Manager, Melbourne Assembly Rooms, High Street, Melbourne DE73 8GF. 01332 863522 / 07722 485213. E mail to [email protected]